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Demand More!

West Virginia with its hardworking people and natural wealth has been denied prosperity for far too long.

I believe that as governor, I can help to lead West Virginia into the 21st century. No longer will we be consoled at the thought, "If it wasn't for Mississippi, we'd be dead last."

We can commit to environmental clean-up, and make it pay for itself AND create jobs!

  • West Virginia has large deposits of Rare Earth Elements (REEs), that can be recovered by cleaning up the coal waste heaps, stinking gob piles, fly ash deposits and offal from Mountain Top Removal

These elements leach into and poison our waterways. These elements should be the ‘Commonwealth’ of West Virginia. The same equipment that mines and prepares coal can do the removal work to get the REE's, putting many skilled workers back on payrolls. From the recovery of these REE's, there must be funds collected to create a cash reserve for West Virginia and to pay a stipend to West Virginians as is done in Alaska.

  • Currently emitting industries must obtain Pollution Emission Credits to discharge wastes into the air, waters and soils.

This credit system would entail credits equaling 70% of the above amount of pollution being issued to every person in West Virginia, per household, from which polluting companies must obtain these credits from the credit-holding households. Credits may be sold, traded, swapped, bartered, etc., or they may be held and commingled with future credits to be redeemed as the holders see fit.

We can commit to broadband for West Virginia, to every person, business, and school!

  • A turn-key system for broadband can be developed for less than $200,000,000

The initial costs could be paid for by withdrawing the $150,000,000 designated in a bond issue to Rockwool by the West Virginia Economic Development Authority to pay for the development of the service.